Head to Health

Head to Health

About Head to Health

Head to Health is a national mental health website connecting people to trusted online and phone mental health services appropriate for their individual needs. Services and resources listed on Head to Health are delivered by Australia’s trusted mental health service providers.They include free or low-cost apps, online support communities, online courses, and phone services that are private and secure.

Head to Health will help people to take control of their mental health, at a time and place convenient to them, complementing or in place of face-to-face services. It supports people seeking help- either for themselves or someone they care about.

Head to Health is not only helpful when seeking support for a mental health condition, it also provides information about staying mentally well for every Australian.

Head to Health was developed in collaboration with the community, the mental health sector and the Department of Health. eMHprac is one of the Head to Health service provider partners. Visit headtohealth.gov.au for more information.