Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help Online

About Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help Online is funded as part of an agreement between all State and Territory Governments and the Australian Government.

This service complements and increases the range of services available in responding to problem gambling issues. It provides Australians with a new opportunity to access counselling and information services when they are unable or reluctant to access face-to-face services provided in each jurisdiction.

Informed by extensive research and expert advice, Gambling Help Online is a world first to provide:

  • 24/7 availability of chat and email counselling and support services
  • Availability of professional counsellors with expertise in problem gambling and online services
  • Integration with state based 24/7 telephone services and face-to-face counselling
  • Provision of extensive website content, self-help information, and weblinks for additional support

Who is Gambling Help Online for?

Gambling Help Online is for anyone who may have a gambling problem, or for anyone who is concerned about someone’s gambling behaviour.

Is there a cost to use Gambling Help Online?


How to access Gambling Help Online’s services

Gambling Help Online can be accessed via: