For When Helpline

For When Helpline

About For When

For When provides mental health support for expecting and new parents, connecting parents who are struggling to navigate the complex waters of pregnancy and new parenthood to the critical mental health services you might need most. They provide a caring, supportive mental health navigation service to guide parents and their family through their perinatal journey from conception up to 12 month old.

For When’s website includes information and helpful resources for new and expecting parents, families and family members, and health practitioners.

The For When Helpline is a national support line that connects parents to the right service that can help users understand what they are feeling and provide the right guidance and support at the right time. By calling the For When Helpline parents will be connected with a local specialist who will listen, identify the challenges, talk through how they are feeling, and understand the caller’s needs. For Then will then connect the caller with the right local support service to help their mental health.

Who is For When for?

For When is designed to support new and expecting mums, dads, and guardians navigating the challenges of pregnancy and new parenthood.

Is there a cost to use For When?

There is no cost to use For When.

How to access For When

For When can be accessed online at

The For When Helpline is available between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday by calling 1300 24 23 22.