Feed Your Instinct

Feed Your Instinct

About Feed Your Instinct

COPE, The Centre of Perinatal Excellence, provides support for the emotional challenges of becoming a parent. Through the COPE website users can access information and support for planning a family, expecting a baby, preparing for birth, becoming new parents, and more.

Feed Your Instinct is an interactive tool for parents of children and young people experiencing different types of eating and/or body image problems. The program aims to highlight common warning signs, provide useful information about eating and/or body image problems, guidance on how to help, and suggest options for further support. Feed Your Instinct guides users through four modules:

  • Eating: looking at eating patterns, food choices and attitudes towards nutrition
  • Wellbeing: looks at physical health and unhelpful weight control behaviours
  • Thinking: looks at thinking patterns and personality traits
  • Feeling: looks are relationships and social interactions

The modules help parents to decide if they need to be concerned about their child, understand what might be happening and what to do. The online tool also includes an Eating and Body Image Checklist and personalised report with a summary of information and suggested strategies that can taken to a doctor/GP to help communicate concerns.

Who is Feed Your Instinct for?

Feed Your Instinct is for any parents or carers of children and young adults who are concerned they may be developing an unhealthy relationship with food, weight or their body.

Is there a cost to use Feed Your Instinct?

There is no cost to use Feed Your Instinct.

How to access Feed Your Instinct

Feed Your Instinct can be accessed online at https://feedyourinstinct.com.au/.