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About Emerging Minds

Emerging Minds is an Australian organisation dedicated to advancing mental health and the emotional wellbeing of Australian infants, children, adolescents and their families. The organisation develops mental health policies, services, interventions, training, programs and resources.

The Emerging Minds Community Trauma Toolkit aims to help communities, families and individuals understand the impacts of a traumatic event and how to lessen them. The tookit includes resources to support adults and children, providing a starting point to help children navigate the many stages of a disaster or traumatic event.

Who is Emerging Minds for?

Emerging minds targets communities, families and individuals recovering from a traumatic event. The Community Trauma Toolkit is grouped into 6 key target audiences: Parents and caregivers, General practitioners, Educators, Community leaders, First responders and Health and social services workers.

Is there a cost to use Emerging Minds?

There is no cost to access Emerging Minds.

How to access Emerging Minds services

Anyone across Australia recovering from a traumatic event can access Emerging Minds via: