About Drs4Drs

Drs4Drs was developed by medical professionals to support the health and wellbeing of medical professionals and medical students. Their website connects doctors and medical students across Australia with online resources, referral services and finding a GP, and their confidential telehealth service is available to support doctors and medical students struggling with their mental health.

Who is the Drs4Drs for?

Drs4Drs is for medical students, doctors in training, rural and isolated doctors, international medical graduates, senior medical officers, community and hospital-based doctors, retiring doctors, and the colleagues and families of doctors.

Is there a cost to use COPE?

There is no cost to use Drs4Drs.

How to access Drs4Drs

Drs4Drs can be accessed online at https://www.drs4drs.com.au/.