Dear Mind

Dear Mind

About Dear Mind

Dear Mind is a mental wellbeing initiative of the Queensland Government providing a collection of easy, everyday mental wellbeing activities, to promote resilience in difficult situations, improve mood and get the most out of life. The website includes ideas, tips, and wellbeing activities under six building blocks of strong mental health; get healthy, keep learning, show kindness, connect more, take notice and embrace nature. Dear Mind encourages users to take a few moments every day for a happier and more resilient life.

How does Dear Mind work?

Dear Mind is all about encouraging users to take that ‘me time’ for themselves. It’s so important no matter who you are and it helps strengthen your mental wellbeing.

Dear Mind has six mental building blocks it targets through its activities in order to help users you develop a strong sense of mental wellbeing. The overall recommendation is to look through the wellbeing activities provided and try to incorporate some from each block to improve your overall mental resilience.

What are the six building blocks Dear Mind covers?

The building blocks Dear Mind covers includes:

  • Getting Healthy: Be active, get enough sleep and eat well
  • Keep Learning: Find ways to challenge your mind and seek out new things
  • Show Kindness: Bring joy to the lives of others and show gratitude
  • Connect More: Stay connected and care for those around you
  • Take Notice: Practice mindfulness by staying in the moment and experiencing the world around you
  • Embrace Nature: Take some time to get outside and connect with the natural world

Who is Dear Mind for?

Dear Mind is for anyone seeking to strengthen their mental wellbeing and take time for themselves.

Is there a cost to use Dear Mind?

There is no cost to use Dear Mind, it is a free government support system available to you.

How to access Dear Mind

Dear Mind can be accessed online at Here users can learn more about the activities offered, stories of people who have used Dear Mind and additional resources for people who feel as though they need more support.