Daybreak App

Daybreak App

About the Daybreak App

The Daybreak App was developed by Hello Sunday Morning to help individuals reset their drinking habits. The app provides individuals with lived experience stories and resources, the ability to share their own journey, receive support from Hello Sunday Morning Care Navigators, save photos to show development, and a range of experiments to change their lifestyle.

The Daybreak App aims to help individuals change their relationship with alcohol, how to quit or reduce drinking, provide information on what happens when you stop drinking and alcohol alternatives.

Who is Daybreak for?

The Daybreak app is for anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol.

Is there a cost to use Daybreak?

There is no cost to use the Daybreak app.

How to access the Daybreak App

The Daybreak app is available on apple and android smartphones via:

Hello Sunday Morning Research and Evaluation

Hello Sunday Morning have conducted a number of research and evaluation studies, which can be found here.