About DadBooster

Developed by the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI), DadBooster is a free, online, evidence-based CBT program for men who are experiencing paternal postnatal depression or anxiety.

DadBooster provides:

  • Six sessions of a cognitive-behavioural therapy treatment program teaching skills to improve depression
  • Low-intensity SMS messages for regular contact, advice, and encouragement to remain motivated in completing the treatment
  • Monitoring of changes in symptoms of depression

Who is DadBooster for?

DadBooster is designed for men who are experiencing paternal postnatal depression or anxiety or are feeling overwhelmed with the arrival of their baby.

As DadBooster is still in the research phase there are a few guidelines about who can take part.

This study is not suitable if:

  • they are receiving medication for depression
  • they are receiving psychological treatment
  • they are feeling suicidal
  • they are under 18 years of age
  • their baby is over 12 months of age
  • they are relying heavily on drugs or alcohol to cope
  • they have been diagnosed with bipolar or other serious psychiatric disorder

After the study, DadBooster hopes to offer this program more widely to Aussie Dads who need it.

Is there a cost to use DadBooster?

No – DadBooster is free to enrol in and use.

How to access DadBooster

DadBooster can be accessed online at and

As the DadBooster program is in a research phase, potential participants will complete questionnaires and a telephone assessment with a psychologist to determine whether the DadBooster program is suitable for them.

Follow-up questionnaires and assessments are completed 9 weeks and 12 weeks post-enrolment to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

DadBooster Research and Evaluation

The DadBooster Program is evidence-based, with cognitive-behavioral therapy guiding its development. DadBooster is currently undergoing experimental research to determine its effectiveness. This research study will evaluate the effectiveness of the DadBooster program as a treatment for dads experiencing depression and anxiety after the birth of their child. Join the DadBooster study to learn strategies to feel better and help shape the program to help other dads.

Visit this page to read about the research conducted by the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI).