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About Cool Little Kids Online

The Cool Little Kids Online program is based on the Cool Little Kids group parenting program which has been running at Macquarie University for 10 years. It was developed by professors, psychologists, and researchers from the Centre for Emotional Health. The Centre is dedicated to further understanding child and adult emotional disorders to improve assessment and treatment.

The Cool Little Kids program is a structured, web-based parenting program that aims to increase young children’s confidence so they have fewer anxiety problems as they grow up. The curriculum is based off current and cutting-edge cognitive behaviour therapy and scientific studies.

The Cool Kids Online program has 8 online lessons, with each module taking about 30-60 minutes to complete. The online lessons include easy to read information, practical skills, videos, and stories from other parents who have completed the program. It can be completed online, at any time and any pace that suits you.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Understanding anxiety
  • Introducing stepladders
  • Using rewards
  • Parenting an anxious child
  • Troubleshooting stepladders
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Managing worries
  • Planning for the future

For further information on the Cool Kids Online program please head to their website, or view their online flyer here.

Who is Cool Little Kids Online for?

Cool Kids Online is for parents of shy or anxious young children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. If your child is older than 6 years of age, visit the Cool Kids website to discover other programs designed for child and teens.

What are the benefits of the Cool Little Kids Online program?

As the program is online, parents can learn at a time and place that best suits them. This means you can pick up the program in your free time on weekend or even outside of working hours. This format is also a much more engaging medium for families to learn and interact with the educational content. Additional support is also available to parents who may have questions about the program.

Another benefit of the Cool Kids Online program is that it is based off research which can been proven to reduce anxiety and shyness in children.

When can Cool Kids Online be accessed?

As the Cool Kids Online program is purely digital, it is available anytime and anywhere. However, telephone consultations are available within working hours. To learn more, head to the contact us page here.

Is there a cost to use Cool Little Kids Online?

Yes, the program costs $170 (incl. GST), per user.

This cost includes 12 months of access to the program online, practice activities and technical support.

Additional support is also available for a fee. This includes telephone sessions with an expert psychologist with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss progress and receive advice.

How to access Cool Little Kids Online’s services

If you would like to access Cool Little Kids Online, please visit the website here. Alternatively, contact the Cool Little Kids Online Team on 02 9850 8711.

To enrol in the Cool Kids Online program, complete the Registration form here.

The form will require parental consent. Users must include their child’s name, child’s date of birth, adult’s name, age, email address, mobile, chosen password, country of residence, and postcode.

Cool Kids Online Research and Evaluation

Cool Kids Online is a research trial, with the aim of evaluating the efficacy of the face-to-face Cool Kids program when delivered online. Further research is still being conducted by Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health in Sydney Australia on the assessment and treatment of emotional disorders such as anxiety.