About Compass

Compass is an online and telephone service providing information and advice to help tackle elder abuse. Compass aims to create a national focus on elder abuse by raising awareness of this growing social issue, and simplifying the process of connecting people to services and information tackling elder abuse.

The Compass website includes information and resources on elder abuse, powers of attorney, misuse of EPOAs, ageism in health advice, future planning, grandparent alienation, family agreements, and more, as well as links to service providers dedicated to tackling elder abuse. Their phone line provides advice to anyone seeking help with elder abuse.

Who is Compass for?

Compass is for anyone experiencing or know someone who may be experiencing elder abuse, or seeking to learn more about elder abuse.

Is there a cost to use Compass?

There is no cost to use Compass.

How to access Compass

Compass can be accessed at or by calling 1800 353 374.