Chats for Life [Under Construction]

Chats for Life [Under Construction]

About Chats for Life

Chats for Life is an app designed to help people plan a conversation with someone they may be concerned about. Their aim is to provide young people with skills, strategies, and confidence to have an early conversation with someone they might be worried about, to help them manage the inevitable ups and downs of everyday life. The app uses video examples to help youth have conversations about mental health and how to provide peer support.

Who is Chats for Life for?

Chats for Life is designed for young people concerned about someone else or seeking to learn skills to help support the people in their life who may be going through a tough time.

Is there a cost to use Chats for Life?

There is no cost to use Chats for Life.

How to access Chats for Life

Chats for Life is available to download for Apple from the App Store.