Changing for Good

Changing for Good


About Changing for Good

Changing for Good is a program to help men stop using violence in their family and relationships. We work with men to help them recognise their abusive behaviours and end their use of violence. By providing ongoing support, specialist counselling and resources, our goal is to help men make and sustain changes in violent or abusive behaviours as well as attitudes that support violent behaviours. By working with men to end their use of violence, we help to increase the safety of women and children who have or are experiencing domestic or family violence. To find out more about how to sign up, please complete the Expression of Interest form.

How does Changing for Good work?

Changing for Good is a free voluntary program for men who:

  • Have completed a Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP) and need extra ongoing support to make the change permanent.
  • Want to start their path to change who are currently on a waiting list for a MBCP.
  • Cannot access traditional programs due to geography.
  • Prefer telephone counselling to traditional modes of delivery.
  • Have stopped going to a traditional MBCP program for any number of reasons.

Changing for Good aims to build on the principles used in men’s behaviour change programs, educating and supporting men to maintain respectful and violence free relationships. Participants will have the support of two specialist counsellors for up to twelve months who will provide telephone counselling sessions and psychoeducation as often as needed depending on individual circumstances. The program is designed to help men identify and work towards their individual goals, as well as support them to access any additional services if and when required.

Who is Changing for Good for?

Changing for Good provides free telephone counselling to men who want to stop using violence in their family and relationships. Men’s Behaviour Change Programs are an important starting point in the journey to respectful and violence-free relationships and we know many men are keen to access further support when their programs end. Changing for Good will work with you to maintain change and establish violence-free relationships. There are many men who cannot access a traditional Men’s Behaviour Change Programs, due to a lack of vacancies, living in an area with no locally available program or difficulty with the traditional settings used, such as face to face or group discussions.  Changing for Good is here to help those who want to make change and our model of telephone counselling is better suited to many people. The important thing is to help you make changes to your attitudes and behaviours that are hurting those you care about. There are also men who have stopped going to a traditional behaviour change program for any number of reasons. As long as you have a genuine commitment to end your use of violence and a willingness to take responsibility, we can help you get back on the path to change. Find a men’s behaviour change program.

Is there a cost to use Changing for Good?

There is no cost to access Changing for Good.

How to access Changing for Good?

Changing for Good’s Post Men’s Behaviour Change Program and Violence Prevention Program are both availble to join online at Both programs require participants to apply by completing an Expression of Interest Form available through their website.