Champion Life

Champion Life

About Champion Life

Champion Life is a digital platform for schools, combining guided physical activity, social and emotional learning, and wellbeing monitoring to improve whole-school wellbeing. Utilising real-time data and positive interventions Champion Life aims to help teachers and school leaders to empower students, strengthening the mental and physical wellbeing of their students. The Champion Life program is centred around three simple ideas:

  • Movement: short, follow-along videos to get students moving in the classroom.
  • Mentoring: activities presented by relatable role models who students can relate to.
  • Monitoring: students rate how they feel each day using a fun emoji system

What are there benefits of using Champion Life

Champion Life was developed to help facilitate the development of lifelong healthy habits, helping schools and students gain knowledge and tools to strengthen mental and physical wellbeing. The benefits of using Champion Life include:

  • Building healthy habits: movement has an immediate positive effect on mood, confidence, and concentration, and over time healthy habits for life are established.
  • Improves student behaviour: helps teachers manage energy levels in the classroom and students engage better in and when transitioning between activities.
  • Enhanced educational outcomes: engaged and confident students are ready to learn in class, becoming more resilient lifelong learners.
  • Streamline lesson planning: follow-along videos are emailed daily and can be easily incorporated into existing lesson plans.
  • Provides wellbeing insights: wellbeing data is collected over time and across year levels providing school leaders with robust and actionable insights.

Who is Champion Life for?

Champion Life is designed to help schools easily support student wellbeing. Teachers and school leaders can sign up online to start using the program.

Is there a cost to use Champion Life?

School leaders and Teachers can try Champion Life for free on a four week trial. However, ongoing subscriptions are $2.30 per student/per term.

How to access Champion Life

Learn more about what is included in Champion Life and get started at