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About Butterfly

The Butterfly Foundation offers free, accessible support to anyone needing guidance with an eating disorder (ED). Services include counselling, referral, support, psycho-education and guidance via telephone, web chat, online support groups and email.


Butterfly’s online peer support groups include the following:

  • For Carers (anyone 16+ supporting a friend or family member with an ED)
  • For Recovery support (for anyone living with an eating disorder or body image issue)


Several times throughout the year, Butterfly also offers Understanding Eating Disorder Recovery: Online, a free 6-week online workshop for families caring for a loved one with an ED. Facilitated by qualified counsellors, the workshop helps individuals to develop practical skills to support their loved one with an eating disorder in their progress towards recovery.


Butterfly celebrates health, well-being and diversity. Through their service, Butterfly Foundation wishes to bring a change in culture and to support and help Australians who have eating disorders and negative body image.

Who is Butterfly for?

The service is appropriate for use by clinicians, teachers, coaches (anyone working with groups vulnerable to ED and body image experiences), those going through an ED or in the process of developing an ED, anyone caring for someone with an ED or concerned their loved one might be developing an ED.

Is there a cost to use Butterfly?


How to access Butterfly’s services

Butterfly’s Support Line (1800 33 4673) and web counselling service operate from 8am – midnight (AEST), seven days a week.

Butterfly Research and Evaluation

Throughout its work, Butterfly emphasises the critical importance of prevention and early intervention strategies in limiting the development of, and suffering from, negative body image and eating disorders. To expand knowledge in this field The Butterfly Research Institute commissions academic research projects and funds PhD research scholarships.