Bullying. No Way!

Bullying. No Way!

About Bullying. No Way!

Bullying. No Way! provides support to schools, young people, and families with resources and activities for a proactive approach to bullying education and prevention. Through their website, users can access support, advice, and information on understanding bullying, responding to bullying, preventing bullying, teaching about bullying, and more.

Who is Bullying. No Way! for?

Bullying. No Way! is for young people, educators, families and other members of school communities seeking support with bullying or the prevention of bullying.

Why was Bullying. No Way! created?

A key step in preventing bullying is understanding what it is, how it happens and how schools can intervene and create safe environments for students. Bullying. No way! was created as a resource for schools to lean on from research to legislation and support for their in school programs, students to learn more about bullying and families to learn how to support their children if they are affected.

What support does Bullying. No Way! provide?

Bullying. No way! takes a holistic approach to both educating visitors about bullying and aiming to prevent it through providing this information. This means that their website provides information and frameworks that can be applied in schools. Just a few of the topics they cover on their website include:

  • Understanding bullying: from a glossary of terms to signs and types of bullying plus research, this is an excellent starting place to unpack the issue and educate yourself about it
  • Responding to bullying: the next step in the process, with information for how both schools and families can respond to bullying, along with information on school reporting systems
  • Preventing bullying: learn about key days and events targeted towards spreading awareness and prevention, as well as how to create a safe environment in schools through informed steps, programs and approaches
  • Teaching about bullying: learn how to talk openly about bullying in schools and what that looks like in the classroom

The site also provides additional support and advice for young people, schools and families because they recognise how far reaching the impacts of bullying are.

Does Bullying. No Way! have additional resources?

Yes, it does! Bullying no way is extensively researched and since a large part of their mission is to take a proactive approach to prevention through education, there are ample additional resources for users to take advantage of. Their website has a dedicated resource tab and includes things like:

  • Fact sheets
  • Classroom resources
  • Teaching resources
  • Professional learning resources

Is there a cost to use Bullying. No Way!?

There is no cost to use Bullying. No Way! All information and resources provided are free to use and download.

How to access Bullying. No Way!

Bullying. No Way! can be accessed online at https://bullyingnoway.gov.au/