Beyond Silence

Beyond Silence

About Beyond Silence

Developed by the Centre of Research Excellence Safer Families Centre, the Beyond Silence website aims to help women victim/survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence to name the abuse and seek support.

The Beyond Silence website consists of six interactive modules:

  • Putting a name to it
  • Taking it seriously
  • Hearing from others
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Breaking the silence
  • Taking action

Who is Beyond Silence for?

This website is for women who are worried about sex and consent in their relationships. It is a space to find information and connect with services who can provide support. It is anonymous, inclusive and safe.

Is there a cost to use Beyond Silence?

No – the Beyond Silence website is free to access and use.

How to access Beyond Silence

As Beyond Silence is an information website, it is available anytime and anywhere at

Beyond Silence Research and Evaluation

The Beyond Silence website is based on research by A/Prof Laura Tarzia, focused on understanding the experiences of victim/survivors.

Visit this page to read about the research conducted as part of the Beyond Silence project.