Better Man

Better Man

About Better Man

Better Man is a website providing a brief interactive intervention to help men reflect on their relationships and make positive changes. The program covers three modules – Better Communication, Better Values and Better Relationships. Throughout the program, users are encouraged to learn communication strategies, think about their values, and reflect on the negative and positive aspects of their current or recent relationships.

  • The Better Communication module explores how individuals communicate and provides practical communication strategies to enhance a healthy relationship.
  • The Better Values module aims to identify personal values and how actions in a relationship may or may not align with these values.
  • The Better Relationship module explores how healthy their relationship is, identifies unhealthy behaviours, and the positive and negative aspects of the relationship.

Who is Better Man for?

Better Man is suitable for men who wish to make positive changes in their relationships and communication.

Is there a cost to use Better Man?

There is no cost to use Better Man.

How to access Better Man

Better Man can be accessed online at