About Become

Become is an online program supporting people who have experienced trauma who use alcohol or other substances. The program builds on users strengths to teaches practical skills for your health and wellbeing through four modules. Module 1 and 2 focus on information and education about common experiences following trauma and how it might impact their alcohol and other drug use. Modules 3 and 4 offer activities, psychological techniques, and symptom management for daily life building supports and working towards a long-term recovery plan. The program is entirely self-guided online, and users can revisit the modules at any time.

Who is Become for?

Become is for any Australian adults who have experienced trauma and use alcohol or other substances.

Is there a cost to use Become?

There is no cost to use Become.

How to access Become

Become can be accessed online at and the program requires registration with a name, email address and password.