Be Connected

Be Connected

About Be Connected

Be Connected is an Australia-wide initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world. Their aim is to increase the confidence, skills, and online safety of older Australians, empowering everyone to use the internet and everyday technology.

Their online learning resources provide support so users can develop their digital skills and confidence at their own pace. Their library of resources cover a range of topics such as: online security, internet banking, myGov and other online government services, getting started online, connecting to others, Wi-Fi, social media, and more.

Who is Be Connected for?

Be Connected is designed to support older Australians to engage with digital technology. However, it could support anyone learning the basics of using digital devices and engaging with the internet.

Is there a cost to use Be Connected?

There is no cost to use Be Connected.

How to access Be Connected

Be Connected can be accessed at