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About SANE Australia

SANE Australia provides straightforward and concise information guide on treatment and self help, and moderated forums providing peer-to-peer support. The  forums provide peer support for people living with a mental illness or related mental health issues, and for family, friends and other carers.

Who is SANE Australia for?

SANE Australia is for anyone experiencing or caring for someone with a mental illness.

The Lived Experience Forum is for people living with mental illness, and is generally used for sharing stories and opinions, with the topics most frequently discussed focussing on challenges raised by symptoms, issues related to assessment, treatment and medications, and the impact of mental illness on relationships. The Friends, Family & Carers Forum is often used for seeking information and advice, with topics frequently relating to the practical challenges of being a carer, including the difficulty of navigating the mental health system and the challenge of someone being unwell and refusing treatment.

Is there a cost to use SANE – Carers and Lived Experience forums?


How to access SANE – Carers and Lived Experience forums’ services

The SANE Australia website is freely available at

The forums can be viewed without registering, however in order to post to a forum users must register with a display name, password, email address, phone number (optional), and postcode.

SANE Australia – Research and Evaluation

SANE has produced a research bulletin on their forums summarising the key findings of an evaluation report produced for the Australian Government, Department of Health, as well as anonymous demographic data on usage from the first 12 months of operation (May 2014 – May 2015). Consumers using the Lived Experience Forum report valuing it as a safe place to share stories about how their lives have been affected by mental illness, and to exchange opinions. Family and other carers using the Forum appear to value it principally as a tool to locate practical support for their caring role. The full research bulletin can be found at