Cancer Mind Care

Cancer Mind Care

About Cancer Mind Care

Cancer Mind Care is a self-help online platform providing Australia’s first ‘one-stop-shop’ for tailored mental health support for people with cancer, their support persons, clinicians, and First Nations people. They provide an anonymous, non-threatening first step to access cancer psychology support and services, helping users explore ways to look after their mind when affected by cancer.

Cancer Mind Care helps people create a Cancer Mind Plan. Users are guided through the following steps to get a snapshot of how their mind is tracking, tips and ideas to improve and manage their mind and wellbeing, and self-help resources to support their mind and wellbeing:

  1. Answer some questions about how they are feeling
  2. Get a free, personalised Cancer Mind Plan, with practical strategies and supports.
  3. Explore options and tips from experts on a variety of topics to help users cope.

Their website also includes information about Cancer mind care topics, resources for support persons, resources for clinicians, and resources for First Nations People.

Who is Cancer Mind Care for?

Cancer Mind Care is designed to support people with cancer to take care of their mental health, as well as their support persons, clinicians and First Nations people.

Is there a cost to use Cancer Mind Care?

There is no cost to use Cancer Mind Care.

How to access Cancer Mind Care

Cancer Mind Care can be accessed at