About Hello Sunday Morning

Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) is a movement towards a better drinking culture.

The purpose is to build technology that supports any individual to change their relationship with alcohol. Whether it is taking a break from drinking or simply cutting back - HSM are there to support you and your choice.

Since 2010 HSM has grown to be the largest online movement for alcohol behaviour change in the world.

The vision of HSM is a world where drinking is an individual choice, not a cultural expectation. A world where confidence and identity aren’t measured in standard servings. A world of better choices, fewer hangovers and unforgettable Sunday mornings.

Who is Hello Sunday Morning for?

Hello Sunday Morning is for anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol.

Is there a cost to use Hello Sunday Morning?


How to access Hello Sunday Morning's services

Anyone can access HSM via:

Hello Sunday Morning Research and Evaluation

Hello Sunday Morning have conducted a number of research and evaluation studies, which can be found here.