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  • If you are a psychologist, social worker, practice nurse, mental health nurses counsellor, occupational therapist, community health worker, pharmacist, peer support worker or other allied health workers, we would like to hear your thoughts and experiences with e-psychology and online mental health resources. The eMHPrac team at ANU are running a survey that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete!

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  • This study sought to gain an understanding of Australian health professionals’ attitudes toward and frequency of use of Internet Supported Psychological Interventions (ISPIs) with clients, and identify the benefits of and challenges in using ISPIs with clients. Health professionals with higher perceptions of the usefulness and ease of use of ISPIs had more positive attitudes toward using ISPIs than health professionals with lower perceptions of the usefulness and ease of use of ISPIs. In tu ...

  • The Australian developers of a mobile phone app designed to help youth at risk of suicide say the product is making a difference after a trial in Broome.

    Together with the Black Dog Institute, suicide prevention group Alive and Kicking Goals launched the i-bobbly app last year to a select group of over-18s in Broome.

    I-bobbly spokesman Mel Hoy said it was a self-help tool targeting a generation constantly on their phones or iPads.

    "If you get those ones [young people] ...