About YourCrew

YourCrew is a mood tracking app developed by Harrison Riedel Foundation connecting users with people who they know and trust when they are struggling. The app allows users to invite friends to join their ‘crew’, who take an oath to help confidentially and without judgment. Users can track their moods on a calendar using emojis or a quick written log, create and share a safety plan, write in a private journal, access information, pathways to help and emergency support within the app. If the user is consistently recording low mood, their Crew is alerted to reach out and see how they can help.

Who is YourCrew for?

The app is designed to support young people aged over 12 years struggling with low mood.

Is there a cost to use YourCrew?

YourCrew is free to download on smartphone and tablet devices.

How to access YourCrew

YourCrew is available to download from the Apple App Store or on Google Play for Apple and Android smartphone devices.

View YourCrew on the Apple App Store here:

View YourCrew on the Google Play Store here: