Your Room

Your Room

About Your Room

Your Room is a joint initiative by NSW Health and St Vincent’s Alcohol and Drug Information Service providing information and resources about alcohol and other drugs.

What services does Your Room offer?

Your Room offers a range of resources and information to further understand about the support and treatment options for a range of drugs impacting Australians today. This includes frequently asked questions, downloadable resources, as well as games to test knowledge and assess habits for risk.

Their ‘Getting Support’ section provides great resources for friends, family, loved ones and carers of those who have or have had a drug addiction. With important information on what treatment looks like, support services, and COVID-19 support. Your Room also has tailored information and resources to support Aboriginal people and families in reducing the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs.

As mentioned above, free games available through Your Room also include the Test Your Knowledge, Standard Drink Calculator and Alcohol Risk Assessment Tool.

  • The Test Your Knowledge quiz is an online game which provides a fun and interactive way to test an individual’s knowledge about drugs and treatment options. This is a great tool for both those who have experienced drug addiction and others caring for a loved one with drug addiction.
  • The Standard Drink Calculator aims to test an individual’s knowledge on what one standard drink looks like across different formats from a pint, wine glass, sparkling wine glass and more. This game is a great way to further regulate alcohol consumption by providing a tool to assist in recognising a standard drink.
  • The Alcohol Risk Assessment Tool is another vital quiz that can assess if your drinking habits are putting you at risk. With only 10 questions in the quiz, it only takes a maximum of 30 minutes to complete.

For more information on Your Room please head to their website here.

Who is Your Room for?

Your Room is for anyone seeking to learn more about some of the most commonly used drugs affecting Australians right now. As well as the treatment options available to those seeking support for drug addiction This includes those seeking support with a drug addiction, individuals who have had a drug addiction in the past, people who have relapsed in their drug addiction as well as friends, family and carers to those with drug addiction.

What are the benefits of using Your Room?

There are several benefits to utilising the free resources provided by Your Room. This includes:

  • Diagnosing risky alcohol consumption habits
  • Educating oneself of the risks of drug and alcohol addiction
  • Being equipped with treatment options and methods to seek support

Is there a cost to use Your Room?

There is no cost to use Your Room and all resources and information are available for free on their website here.

How to access Your Room

Your Room is available online and can be accessed here. As it is an online resource this means anyone can access the Your Room resources at any time from anywhere that suits them. Whether it is from a laptop, mobile tablet and more.