Tune In Not Out

Tune In Not Out

About Tune In Not Out

Tune In Not Out a one-stop-shop for Australian youth, providing information on a wide range of topics from mental health, relationships and exam stress to sexual health and more. This information aims to help young people across Australia navigate life’s challenges, featuring videos, stories, music playlists and factsheets.

The content on Tune In Not Out’s website is grouped into 10 categories:

  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Bullying and Cyber Safety
  • Managing Relationships
  • Sex and Sexual Health
  • Your Identity
  • School, Work and Money
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Indigenous Health Hub
  • Finding Help

The Tune In Not Out website also includes teachers resource page providing educators with health and wellbeing worksheets with a range if suggested activities to explore with students.

Who is Tune In Not Out for?

Tune In Not Out is designed for young Australian people seeking information and guidance on life’s challenges, as well as teacher and educators seeking quality resources for their classroom.

Is there a cost to use Tune In Not Out?

There is no cost to use Tune In Not Out.

How to access Tune In Not Out

Tune In Not Out can be accessed at https://tuneinnotout.com/.

Teachers can sign up at https://tuneinnotout.com/etc/teachers-educators/ with their name, email, and school/organisation to access Tune In Not Out’s worksheets.