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About Stay Strong

The AlMhi Stay Strong App is a motivational care planning tool that assists health professionals to promote the wellbeing of Aboriginal clients by considering their social supports, strengths, worries and the goals or changes they would like to make. It is designed for use by Aboriginal Health Workers, nurses, GPs, allied health professionals and others to facilitate delivery of a structured brief intervention and can be used in clinical and community settings. The app is based on the tools developed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people as part of the Aboriginal and Islander Mental Health Initiative (AIMhi).

Who is the Stay Strong App for?

The app is designed to focus on wellbeing and is for use with Indigenous clients by Aboriginal Health Workers, nurses, GPs, allied health professionals, community workers and others within clinical and community settings.

The app has a clear focus on mental health and wellbeing in the context of First Nations people, however there is no restriction on who can make use of the app.

What Services do the Stay Strong App Offer?

The Stay Strong app intends to assist community leaders and service providers with intervention practices as part of a clinician supported treatment delivery. The Stay Strong app can be used in tandem with more traditional treatments in a variety of contexts. The app assists those who are receiving treatment, reminding them of their goals in a culturally relevant context.

Is there a cost to use the Stay Strong App?

The app is free to download on Apple and Android products. It was designed for larger screens, such as iPads or tablets, but was made available for smartphone devices in 2021.

When can Stay Strong be Accessed?

The great thing about this app and some of the other apps available on the market is that they can be added seamlessly into your lifestyle however you see fit. The app can be accessed at any time of day.

How to access the Stay Strong App’s services

The Stay Strong App can be download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.