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About Quitline

Quitline provides telephone coaching for those wishing to quit smoking. Quitline’s advisors understand that quitting is a complex process and that most people will have a number of goes at quitting before they quit for good. Quitline advisors are trained to listen carefully to help meet the caller’s needs. The advisors can also give advice about the different quitting methods and products and are trained to help explore the caller’s desire to quit and to deepen it. Quitline can also offer a wide range of written and other resources which are helpful.

When ringing the Quitline on 13 7848, a quit pack can be requested and will be sent free of charge, and it is also possible to request to speak to an Aboriginal Quitline advisor.

The Quitline also has a call-back service where a caller can book a time for Quit to call them. Callers are typically offered around six call-backs over their quitting journey. Many smokers enjoy this support and like the idea that Quitline will keep them covered for the difficult first few weeks of quitting.

Who is Quitline for?

Quitline targets anyone in Australia wanting to quit smoking.

Is there a cost to use Quitline?

Calls to Quitline will be charged the cost of a local call (except for mobile phones – normal charges apply).

How to access Quitline’s services

Quitline is available over the phone at 13 78 48 from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday from anywhere in Australia.

Quitline Research and Evaluation

Research shows that the Quitline service can significantly increase a person’s chance of quitting. Around 40% of smokers who used Quitline’s service successfully quit smoking. This figure is based on a survey conducted 6 months after callers received assistance from Quitline.