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About NewAccess

NewAccess is a beyondblue early intervention program designed to provide easily accessible, free, and quality services for people with depression and anxiety. The program aims to assist people who are not currently accessing mental health services. A NewAccess coach, specially trained and experienced, will support people in setting practical goals that will get them back on track.

The program includes up to six free sessions. This includes an assessment, five subsequent sessions and a review. At the first appointment an Access coach will complete an initial assessment and develop a program tailored to the individual’s needs. Appointments can be over the phone or in person at a NewAccess site.

NewAccess coaches are also well connected in the community and can point people in the right direction of other supporting groups such as employment, financial, education, housing and more.

Who is NewAccess for?

NewAccess is for anyone who is feeling unhappy, moody, angry or unable to concentrate or sleep. It intends to address stress, anxiety and depression in a manageable format, providing participants with the tools to address their worries.

NewAccess is offered in person in certain areas of Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. You can check your availability with their postcode checker here

Note: Depending on where you are located, there are some different age limits that apply. Some regions will allow people as young as 12 to partake. Individuals who currently receive support through a mental health treatment plan or who have done so in the past 6 months are not eligible for NewAccess. More complex presentations may also not be eligible.

What Services does NewAccess offer?

NewAccess offers people 6 free sessions with a trained coach in person, but there are also phone and video call options available. NewAccess also offers modules specific to small business owners, with information tailored towards managing the stress that can come with running a small enterprise.

The coaching modules are intended to address stress or depression that is due to:

  • Work stress or uncertainty
  • Change in living arrangements
  • New parent worries
  • Family problems
  • Health concerns or uncertainty
  • Long-term isolation or loneliness
  • Financial worries

Where is NewAccess located?

NewAccess coaches are located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Virtual sessions are also available, so anyone in Australia has the ability to use their services.

Is there a cost to use NewAccess?

No. It is completely free and requires no referral.

When can NewAccess’ Services be Accessed?

The program is accessed during the appointment times that you decide on with your coach. Enquiries can be made through the website at any time.

How to access NewAccess’ services

Accessing the NewAccess services are as simple as making an online enquiry.

You can find out if you are eligible to access the service through the contact page.

NewAccess Research and Evaluation

NewAccess was independently evaluated by Ernst&Young and showed highly positive outcomes.

To read the evaluation report please download the PDF below: