About Mindarma

Mindarma is an evidence-based e-learning program, supported by the Black Dog Institute, which protects mental health, builds resilience, and equips workers with essential skills. The program was developed to address suffering in the workplace through 10 sessions boosting resilience and enhancing mental wellbeing. Each session takes around 15 minutes, offering users the flexibility to complete the program around any work schedule, from anywhere.

Mindarma helps users develop mindfulness and skills to better manage difficult thoughts, uncomfortable emotions, and times of high stress. The program promotes healthy coping strategies, encourages help-seeking behaviour and create a personalised action plan for tough days. Mindarma provides a proactive, preventative approach to building a healthy workforce, increasing resilience, avoiding preventable injuries, and gaining wide-ranging mental health benefits.

Who is Mindarma for?

Mindarma is for individuals, and businesses seeking to build better mental health, resilience and learn essential skills to deal with difficult times in the workplace. The Mindarma Education Edition is also available, specifically for school teachers and principals.

Is there a cost to use Mindarma?

There is a small fee to use Mindarma. They offer affordable scaled pricing for large organisations (50+ learners), small to medium organisations (11-50 users), and individuals and small organisations (1-10 learners).

How to access Mindarma

The Mindarma can be accessed online at https://mindarma.com/home/.