Healthtalk Australia

Healthtalk Australia

About Healthtalk Australia

Healthtalk Australia is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians by harnessing the power of stories, rigorous research methods, and the internet to understand and share experiences of:

  • what it’s really like to have a particular health condition or to care for someone with that condition, and
  • what is and isn’t working in our health and social care system.

They use proven qualitative research methods to collect and analyse in-depth narratives on film and audio from:

  • people experiencing various health or related conditions,
  • carers, and
  • health professionals.

Topics featured on their website include ageing, parenthood & fertility, depression, borderline personality disorder, early menopause, and other wellbeing and mental health experiences.

Who is Healthtalk Australia for?

The website is designed for Australians interested in learning about the personal experiences of individuals with various health conditions and illnesses, as well as the perspectives of healthcare professionals who have treated them. The website is intended to be a resource for patients, carers, healthcare providers, researchers, educators and anyone else who is interested in learning more about health-related issues in Australia.

Is there a cost to use Healthtalk Australia?

No – Healthtalk Australia is free to access online.

How to access Healthtalk Australia

Healthtalk Australia can be accessed online at

Healthtalk Australia Research and Evaluation

Healthtalk Australia is a consortium of researchers from RMIT University, the University of Sydney, Monash University, and UNSW, dedicated to conducting qualitative research on the experiences of health and illness. The website features a range of health topics, each informed by in-depth interviews with individuals who have lived with or been affected by the particular health condition.

Visit this page to read about the research behind Health Talk.