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About BeyondNow

BeyondNow is a suicide safety planning app and website which aims to provide a platform for people to develop their own personalised safety plan. BeyondNow allows the user to develop a list of warning signs, coping strategies, reasons for living and ways to make their environment safe via either free-text entry, or by selecting from a range of suggestions.

In addition, BeyondNow has in built Australian crisis phone numbers and sections for social support and professional contacts, all of which can be dialled from within the app. The app also includes a “sharing” function in which a copy of the safety plan can be shared via email with important support people.

The BeyondNow app also features additional information for family, friends and loved ones supporting someone. With resources about how to start the conversation, spotting warning signs, looking after yourself and more. The application also features resources for health professionals to further understand the uses of safety planning and the key benefits as well as how to introduce and use the Beyond Now app with clients.

Learn more about the Beyond Now app and services by heading to their website here.

Who is BeyondNow for?

BeyondNow is for anyone who has experienced suicidal thoughts or feelings. Along with any health professionals as well as family and friends of the user looking for how to show support.

Is there a cost to use BeyondNow?

No, there is no cost to use BeyondNow. Both the app and website are free to use.

How to access BeyondNow’s services

BeyondNow can be downloaded as an app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or used online. No registration is required.

The Beyond Now crisis hotlines are open and accessible 24/7 by calling 1300 22 4636.

When can I access BeyondNow’s services?

Ensuring a safety plan is in place can help to reduce the risk of suicidal behaviour by using a structured approach to managing psychological distress and suicidal thoughts. The Beyond Now app uses a Safety Planning Intervention (SPI) strategy throughout each of the modules to help create an effective and practical safety plan.

BeyondNow Research and Evaluation

BeyondNow is based on the Safety Planning Intervention (SPI) developed by Professor Barbara Stanley and Professor Gregory Brown.

A trial evaluating the app is currently underway in a collaboration between Monash University and Monash Health in Melbourne. The aim of this research is to evaluate the functionality, efficacy, and utility of a new safety planning smartphone application. The trial will involve including the use of the smartphone application into existing mental health services at Monash Health.