About So You've Been in an Accident

So You've Been in an Accident is a website designed for children who have been in an accident. The website provides information aimed at normalising feelings and promoting recovery after a traumatic experience. There are separate sections for kids (children aged 10 years and younger), and for adolescents (those aged over 11 years). Within both sections there are seven modules: Feelings, Heroes, Problem Solving, Identifying Personal Strengths, Reaching Out, Growing and Learning, and Talk to Yourself.

Who is So You've Been in an Accident for?

So You've Been in an Accident is for any child aged between 7-16 who has been in an accident, as well as parents whose child has been in an accident.

Is there a cost to use So You've Been in an Accident?


How to access So You've Been in an Accident's services

Registration is not required to access the website.

So You've Been in an Accident Research and Evaluation

The effectiveness of the website has been evaluated in a randomised controlled trial, and it was found that children who were in the intervention group reported improved anxiety compared to the control group, whose symptoms worsened. Also, children who had higher baseline trauma scores reported the intervention to be helpful. Overall, the intervention showed promising results in its ability to aid child recovery.

Citation for the randomised controlled trial:

Cox, C. M., Kenardy, J. A., & Hendrikz, J. K. (2010). A randomized controlled trial of a web-based early intervention for children and their parents following unintentional injury. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35(6), 581-592. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsp09