About ReachOut.com

ReachOut.com is Australia’s leading online youth mental health service that is accessed by more than 4,500 people every day. They can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing practical information, tools and support to young people for everyday troubles to really tough times.

A few things about ReachOut.com: ReachOut works alongside young people to deliver online tools that address youth mental health and reduce youth suicide. ReachOut.com was the world’s first online youth mental health service (switched on in 1998). They receive over 1.85 million visitors a year. Everything ReachOut do is youth-driven and evidence-based. ReachOut.com is available to young Australians 24/7, from anywhere with Internet access.

Who is ReachOut.com for?

There are 3 million young people in Australia, but ReachOut.com is designed so that any one of them can take something away that benefits their mental health and wellbeing.

ReachOut.com is designed for:

  • All young people - Any young person, regardless of mental health status, can benefit from ReachOut.com by developing their own coping skills, mental health literacy, and their ability to help a mate.
  • Young people in need of help - ReachOut.com helps young people with signs of mental health problems understand what they’re going through and connect with further help.
  • Professionals who work with young people - Through ReachOut.com Professionals, we make it easy for those who work with young people to promote their mental health and wellbeing.

Is there a cost to use ReachOut.com?


How to access ReachOut.com's services

Anyone can freely access ReachOut's information and resources by visiting the website - no registration is required. However, to participate in the forums or to comment on the site users must sign up with their email, year of birth, post-code and gender. No name is necessary. Unregistered users can access and read the forum comments but cannot comment themselves.

ReachOut.com Research and Evaluation

ReachOut.com is accessed by approximately 1.5 million unique visitors each year. The ReachOut.com Annual User Survey is carried out to evaluate the needs, preferences and behaviours of users, and the impact of the service.

Key findings of the 2013 ReachOut.com Annual User Survey:

  • 41% of first time visitors and 53% of repeat visitors were more likely to seek support from at least one other professional source of help after visiting ReachOut.com, despite having not previously accessed any form of professional support.
  • 77% of young people who accessed ReachOut.com were experiencing high or very high levels of psychological distress. One in two of these young people had not accessed any other forms of professional help.
  • 81% of young people would be likely to return to ReachOut.com in the future
  • 83% of young people would tell a friend about ReachOut.com if they were going through a tough time.

Research citations:

Metcalf, A., & Blake, V. (2014).2013 ReachOut.com Annual User Survey Results. Sydney: ReachOut.com by Inspire Foundation

ReachOut.com also collaborates with leading academic experts and specialist service providers to make sure ReachOut.com is as effective as it can be. More information about ReachOut.com's current research projects can be found on the website.