About Reduce Your Use

Reduce Your Use is a fully self-guided online cannabis treatment. While the program is fully automated, it is also highly personalised, containing several treatment options selected by the user, and individualised documentation and feedback based on user input. The program can be used in text mode, or in video mode for users who prefer a stronger feel of human involvement.

The website contains six core modules, informed by the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational enhancement therapy. These are: 1) Feedback and Building Motivation; 2) Managing Smoking Urges and Withdrawal; 3) Changing Your Thinking; 4) Coping Strategies and Skill Enhancement; 5) Activities and Interpersonal Skills; and 6) Relapse Prevention and Lifestyle Changes.

Who is Reduce Your Use for?

Reduce Your Use is for anyone seeking assistance with their cannabis use. Those providing treatment to individuals who are experiencing problems with cannabis use might also find it helpful to refer their clients to the online program as an adjunct to treatment.

Is there a cost to use Reduce Your Use?


How to access Reduce Your Use's services

In order to register for Reduce Your Use users must provide a username, email address, and password.

Reduce Your Use Research and Evaluation

Research findings supporting the effectiveness of Reduce Your Use in assisting individuals to cease or reduce their cannabis use were recently obtained in a randomised controlled trial. Additionally, participant feedback from the trial demonstrated generally high levels of satisfaction with the program.

Rooke, S., Copeland, J., Norberg, M., Hine, D., & McCambridge, J. (2013). Effectiveness of a self-guided web-based cannabis treatment program: Randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 15(2), e26. doi: 10.2196/jmir.2256