About ReachOut Orb

ReachOut Orb is an innovative and engaging ‘serious’ game designed for use in Year 9 and 10 classrooms – mapped to the Australian HPE and NSW PDHPE Curriculums and General Capabilities – to improve students’ understanding of key factors and skills that contribute to improved mental fitness and wellbeing.

Students enter a virtual world where a negative force known as The Glitch has drained colour from the world, causing people and machines to behave oddly. Students interact with a range of characters in an attempt to return colour and positivity to the world. ReachOut Orb uses positive psychology principles to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of the evidence-based actions they can take to enhance their mental fitness and provide a buffer against mental illness.

This game helps students to:

  • improve their mental fitness and wellbeing
  • understand a positivity mindset
  • identify and use their strengths
  • develop and sustain positive relationships
  • build resilience

ReachOut Orb is also supported by a comprehensive teacher resource, to help teachers plan lessons to reinforce the wellbeing messages of ReachOut Orb.

Who is ReachOut Orb for?

ReachOut Orb has been designed for Year 9 and 10 students.

Is there a cost to use ReachOut Orb?


How to access ReachOut Orb's services

Anyone across Australia can access ReachOut Orb via:

ReachOut Orb Research and Evaluation

ReachOut Orb was piloted in four schools in New South Wales, and teachers involved in the pilot reported an extremely high engagement level with students. See a case study from the pilot here.