About ReachOut Breathe App

The ReachOut Breathe App helps to reduce the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety by slowing down a person's breathing and heart rate with an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Research shows that slowing your heart rate can increase feelings of calmness in your body. Using simple visuals, Breathe helps you to control your breath and measures your heart rate in real-time using the camera in your phone. This lets you address the onset of physical symptoms of stress, like shortness of breath, increased heart rate and tightening of the chest.

After installing Breathe, you can customise settings to suit you. Set up your preferred breathing time and measure your baseline heart rate using your iPhone. It's simple to use and can be accessed at any time from your mobile or Apple Watch. Whether it’s on the way to work, before an exam or part of your daily ritual – it’s the support you need to help cope with the onset of panic or anxiety.

Who is ReachOut Breathe App for?

The ReachOut Breathe App is for all ages, and for anyone who experiences stress or anxiety.

Is there a cost to use ReachOut Breathe App?

No, the app is free to download.

How to access ReachOut Breathe App's services

The app can be dowloaded from the iTunes App Store.