About Quit for you - Quit for two

Quit for you - Quit for two is an app which provides support and encouragement for pregnant women, or women planning pregnancy, to give up smoking. It includes fun exercises and games designed to keep the user's mind off cravings and to keep their hands busy. The app also includes practical quit tips and advice, as well as facts about the baby's development to inspire the user to keep going. Ideas are also provided for what the user could buy with the money they're saving by not buying cigarettes. The app can be personalised with the user's details so that they get daily reminders and words of encouragement.

Who is Quit for you - Quit for two for?

Quit for you - Quit for two is for pregnant women, or those planning pregnancy, who wish to give up smoking.

Is there a cost to use Quit for you - Quit for two?

No, the app is free to download.

How to access Quit for you - Quit for two's services

The app can be downloaded from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play.