About OnTrack

OnTrack is a suite of web-based programs providing:

  • Interactive self-help tools for people experiencing a range of issues
  • Resources and fact sheets
  • Quizzes

OnTrack's programs include:

  • OnTrack Get Real: Supports young people in the early stages of psychosis.
  • OnTrack Families and Friends: Provides support for people caring for someone with a mental illness.
  • OnTrack Alcohol and Depression: Promotes wellbeing among people with a history of depression and risky alcohol use.
  • OnTrack Depression: Helps individuals recover from depression and prevent relapse.
  • OnTrack Alcohol: Provides tools for people to cut back their alcohol use.
  • OnTrack Diabetes: Offers sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes assistance with their health and mood.
  • OnTrack Flood and Storm Recovery: Helps people cope through natural disasters or extreme weather conditions.

OnTrack also offers practitioner registration for mental health professionals to support their clients.

Who is OnTrack for?

OnTrack targets individuals who need support, as well as others who are concerned for their friend's or family's wellbeing.

Ontrack Get Real users must be aged 14 years or over. Intended users of all other OnTrack programs must be aged 18 years or over. Participants of research trials must be aged 18 years or over.

Is there a cost to use OnTrack?


How to access OnTrack's services

To access OnTrack, users simply register through the website. Some information is required (Name, Gender, Year of Birth, Postcode, and a valid email address). Health professionals must additionally provide the name of their health service and profession.

OnTrack Research and Evaluation

The OnTrack team at QUT has conducted numerous randomised controlled trials and pilot studies on the different OnTrack programs.

OnTrack Alcohol and Depression:
A randomised controlled trial showed that OnTrack Alcohol and Depression participants reduced their average number of drinks and increased the percentage of abstinent days after 3 months of using the program. Participants also reported reduced depression symptomatology.

OnTrack Depression:
A pilot randomised controlled trial has shown that Ontrack Depression participants experienced lower rates of depression and an increased quality of life after 3 months.

OnTrack Alcohol:
A pilot randomised controlled trial comparing a brief motivational interviewing intervention to a full MI CBT and craving management intervention demonstrated that the program was effective after 3 months.

Current Research Trials

As of August 2015, the only research trials being conducted on OnTrack programs are for OnTrack Alcohol and OnTrack Diabetes. Individuals are still able to access both programs in full without needing to be involved in the research (this includes individuals who do not wish to take part in the research and individuals who are either deemed ineligible for the research or withdraw from the research).

OnTrack Alcohol research trial: Participants are required to be aged 18 years or over and drinking more than 14 standard drinks of alcohol per week on average.

OnTrack Diabetes research trial: Participants are required to be aged 18 years or over and currently living with Type 2 Diabetes.