About Music eScape

Music can have a powerful effect on our mood. We use it daily whether we are happy, angry, bored or depressed. It gives us energy when we work out and it helps us wind down. Music eScape is an app that lets you:

  • create a mood map of your music library
  • develop dynamic playlists to match your music to your mood
  • create or select a music journey to express, enhance or change your mood

With just the swipe of a finger you can draw a music journey starting at how you currently feel and ending at how you want to feel, or just draw your own shape and see what it sounds like.

Who is Music eScape for?

Music eScape is for young people experiencing mild levels of stress/distress.

Is there a cost to use Music eScape?

No, the app is free to download.

How to access Music eScape's services

Music eScape can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.