About iBobbly

iBobbly is a trial of the world’s first suicide prevention app designed especially for use by Indigenous people on mobile phones or tablet devices. Called iBobbly (a name derived from a Kimberley greeting), the app delivers treatment-based therapy in a culturally relevant way.

Based on psychological therapies proven to reduce suicidal thoughts, it draws heavily on Indigenous metaphors, images and stories from local Aboriginal artists and performers. The app format leaps two of the major hurdles to help seeking – perceived stigma and geographical isolation. Once the app is downloaded ongoing internet access is not needed and the program is password protected, thus maintaining confidentiality if the technology is shared amongst the community.

Who is iBobbly for?

The app is a self-help intervention designed to reduce suicidal thoughts in young (16-30 years) Indigenous Australians.

Is there a cost to use iBobbly?


How to access iBobbly's services

The iBobbly app is currently only available through controlled trials conducted by the Black Dog Institute. In order to participate in one of these trials, contact the Black Dog Institute.

iBobbly Research and Evaluation

A pilot study conducted using Randomised Controlled Trial methodology has recently been conducted in the Kimberly, demonstrating favourable results. A large-scale evaluation is currently being rolled out across several Australian states to determine effectiveness of the app in reducing suicidal thoughts.