About Federation eHealth Platform

The Federation eHealth Platform is a website offering general mental health and eHealth information, consumer resources, eHealth programs, and also the opportunity for researchers and professionals to collaborate on eHealth programs.

The eHealth programs currently offered by Federation eHealth Platform are:

  • LIFE FleX: A biopsychosocial web & mobile intervention program for depression and anxiety
  • iChooseWell: A comprehensive strategies based web & mobile wellness program
  • BDZ eHealth: A benzodiazepine gradual reduction web & mobile program
  • iMindTime: A comprehensive web & mobile based mindfulness program
  • THRIVE: A brief wellness 'refresher' web & mobile program

Who is Federation eHealth Platform for?

The Federation eHealth Platform is intended for the general public, health professionals, and researchers. Intended users of all eHealth programs must be aged 18 years or over.

Is there a cost to use Federation eHealth Platform?


How to access Federation eHealth Platform's service

The current programs can be accessed at https://www.fedehealth.org.au/ehealth-programs-currently-available/

Participants of the eHealth programs must be 18 years of age and over, register and consent to participating in the study, and be committed to the program. Commitment means be willing to complete several surveys at the beginning, during, and after the intervention, as well as working through the program and engaging in several helpful offline exercises (e.g., practising mindfulness during the week). On average it should take about 10-30 minutes to work through each module and another 10-30 minutes dedicated to doing the module-based offline activities, each week.

Federation eHealth's Research and Evaluation

Research around the effectiveness of eHealth programs via the internet, although still in its infancy, has been extremely positive. Hundreds of studies can be found that attest to the efficacy of programs that treat mental ill health, especially generalised anxiety (worry), panic, social anxiety, post traumatic stress symptoms, and depression. There are also studies that support the effectiveness of promoting health and wellbeing over the internet, as well as assisting people with the management of a physical health condition.

For a comprehensive list of peer reviewed papers in the area of eHealth interventions, click here.