About Clear Your Vision

Clear Your Vision is an interactive, online program for youth wanting to quit or reduce their cannabis use. The program begins with the stories of four adolescents who are all facing different issues resulting from their cannabis use. The individual can then choose one of these stories, and apply their own experience alongside the story while they work through different topics such as:

  • Completing a severity of dependence scale
  • How to change and making a change
  • Choosing a date to quit or reduce cannabis use
  • Making a plan to help achieve reducing or quitting cannabis
  • Identifying and dealing with danger zones
  • Coping with withdrawals

As well as the online program, there is also a 'do it yourself' booklet, and a facilitator's manual for group settings available.

Who is Clear Your Vision for?

Clear Your Vision is for adolescents and young adults who use cannabis.

Is there a cost to use Clear Your Vision?


How to access Clear Your Vision's services

There is no registration required to access Clear Your Vision.