About Chilled Plus Online

Chilled Plus Online is an online treatment program for adolescents with anxiety and depression. The program has 8 online modules and is accompanied by a weekly 30-minute phone call with a trained therapist. This research program is based on cognitive behavioural treatment, incorporating the latest research and techniques in working with motivation and negative emotions. Adolescents will learn creative ways to manage emotions and accomplish their immediate goals.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Learning about anxiety and depression
  • Tackling motivation and setting goals
  • Fighting avoidance by facing it (stepladders)
  • Managing emotions
  • Realistic thinking
  • Coping strategies and assertiveness
  • Handling teasing and bullying
  • Building relationships
  • Ways that parents can help

Who is Chilled Plus Online for?

Chilled Plus Online is for 12 to 17 year olds who have anxiety and depression.

Is there a cost to use Chilled Plus Online?

All participants must place a $100 bond, which will be refunded once all post-treatment questionnaires are completed.

How to access Chilled Plus Online's services

In order to participate in Chilled Plus Online, register your interest by calling 02 9850 6741 or emailing chilledplus@mq.edu.au. Once registered, the adolescent will be carefully assessed to determine if the Chilled Plus program is suitable for their needs.

Chilled Plus Online Research and Evaluation

The online program is based on the ‘Chilled’ treatment program, which has been running at the Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University since 2006. Current results indicate that most adolescents who complete the programs show significant improvement, with reduced anxiety and depression symptoms.