About Beacon

Beacon is a portal to online programs, mobile apps and online peer support groups for mental and physical health disorders. Beacon describes each resource and provides links to the site and access information.

The research evidence for each online program and mobile app is reviewed and rated. For online support groups Beacon provides other critical information, e.g. how they are moderated.

Consumers are invited to submit ratings and reviews of e-health programs. Users can also search the site via keywords and diagnostic categories and can use a range of filters to refine their search (including target age group and evidence level).

Who is Beacon for?

Beacon can be used by anyone of any age.

Is there a cost to use Beacon?


How to access Beacon's services

Registration is not required to access program listings on Beacon.

Users can optionally register to access additional functionality, such as submitting ratings and reviews. Registration fields require username, password and email.

Beacon Research and Evaluation

An overview of the Beacon web portal has been published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Research citations:

Christensen, H., Murray, K., Calear, A. L., Bennett, K., Bennett, A. & Griffiths, K. M. (2010). Beacon: a web portal to high-quality mental health websites for use by health professionals and the public. Medical Journal of Australia, 192(11): S40-S44.