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Allied Health Practitioners, Mental Health and Primary Health Care Nurses
Resources and Training

The eMHPrac Project is an Australian Government initiative to promote the use of e-mental health resources among primary health care service providers across Australia.

The eMHPrac team at the Centre for Mental Health Research (CMHR) is providing e-mental health training and support specifically to primary health care service providers including:

  • community health workers
  • counsellors/psychotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • peer support workers
  • mental health nurses
  • primary health care nurses
  • psychologists (including general, clinical, health, counselling)
  • social workers
  • other allied health workers

The eMHPrac CMHR team provides a range of e-mental health training opportunities for allied health, nurses and peer support workers, including face-to-face workshops, webinars, and online professional development training courses. The e-mental health training will introduce clinicians to new e-therapies and demonstrate how these tools and technologies can be integrated into their practice. The eMHPrac Exchange site is also a useful resrouce for practitioners with a range of features articles, printable brochures, webinar recordings and information on e-mental health.

Who do I contact?

eMHPrac Team

Centre for Mental Health Research,

The Australian National University

P: 02 6125 8411/8367



For further information and resources on e-mental health or to join our discussion forum, please visit the eMHPrac Exchange website.

For details on Allied Health and Nurse eMHPrac training, please see the eMHPrac Event calendar.