R U Appy

An e-‐Wellbeing Training to help you Get with the Program!

Grafton and Coffs Harbour

What is R U Appy: e-Social and Emotional Wellbeing Training?

A training program in the use of iPads, Aboriginal-specific apps and online therapy programs for better social and emotional wellbeing.

  • We train everyone from e-dinosaurs to Appy young people -anyone who wants to work more smartly using Aboriginal-specific apps and other online programs
  • R U Appy is a 2 day training program
  • This program is followed by monthly 2 hour ‘booster supervision sessions’ over a period of 6 months. These enable health professionals to confidently build R U Appy into their day-to-day practice
  • R U Appy has been strongly endorsed by local Aboriginal Advisory groups, the Ngayundi Health Council and the North Coast Aboriginal community and health professional participants in our Learning Circles.

What you will get from the R U Appy Training?

  • We guarantee you’ll have fun -and learn at the same time -and be in a better position to help your clients with social-emotional wellbeing & mental health issues, particularly the younger ones.
  • You’ll be far more confident about using iPads, and Aboriginal-specific apps, and much more comfortable with e-technologies.

Why would you want to do R U Appy Training?

If you are looking to the future, wanting to do better for your clients, and wanting to get ahead, this is for you!

  • Everything we know about recent history (the development of computers, mobiles, email etc.) and everything we know about where young people hang out (on mobiles, online etc.) tells us that a key element of future health and community services is online and apps.
  • R U Appy is part of the first wave of e-social and emotional wellbeing training programs to be offered in Australia for Aboriginal health professionals and non- Aboriginal professionals working with Aboriginal clients. These programs are only being offered on the North Coast, Northern Territory and Far North Queensland. The North Coast is ahead of the game! This is a great opportunity not only to ‘get with the program’, but to be among the first health and community professionals in Australia to do so.

What will it cost?

Nothing! The Department of Health and Ageing has funded UCRH to roll it out for free (but we are only funded to do so in 2015).

What does R U Appy training consist of?

Two days of training and followup peer supervision:

Day 1 is the Art of Appyness – getting you comfortable with iPads, apps and focuses on discovering a range of apps and online programs

Day 2 Getting Appy -focuses on the Aboriginal-specific app Stay Strong,

Follow-up AH&MRC supported Booster Peer Supervision groups – ‘Staying Appy’

“Training courses are fine, but often I don’t use what I’ve learned”

We all know that most learning from training courses is quickly forgotten – unless there are follow-up booster supervision sessions. Supervision is the best way to embed and get to use the learning. So we’re collaborating with the AH&MRC Social and Emotional Workforce Support Unit to set up post-training Booster Peer Supervision Groups. You’ll get together with colleagues you trained with in groups of 4-6 people. These groups will give you the confidence to try out the apps with your clients, and help deal with any problems that may crop up in using e-approaches in your workplace.

Many of us have tough, challenging jobs. Our hope is that these peer groups will continue after the 6 months and become a key part of the support structure for Aboriginal health and community professionals on the North Coast in the long




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