Chronic pain is something that can sap the joy from life but there are ways to help deal with it in an effective and positive way.

Several Australian online treatment programs offer self-help CBT for chronic pain that is easily accessible – allowing patients to bypass the long frustrating queues at pain management clinics and potentially providing early intervention to prevent long term disability from chronic pain and drug dependence.

The MindSpot Virtual Clinic at Macquarie University offers a 5 module, 8-week therapist-guided online program free of charge for Australian users. The course can be accessed without a referral. Click here for information on the MindSpot Virtual Clinic.

The Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety Disorders (CRUfAD) and the Department of Pain Medicine at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney have collaborated to develop an 8 lesson CBT-based pain management program called “Reboot” as part of the THISWAYUP suite of programs. It is available at a cost of A$59.00 for up to 12 months access. Click here for information on the THISWAYUP programs. Recommendation (prescription) by a clinician registered with THISWAYUP is required for enrolment. Interested clinicians can click here to register and once registered can view the first lesson in the program for themselves.

For a more in-depth look at the issues and further information about online treatement programs, join in on a live webinar on the topic.

The events will be held:

1pm, 13th September 2017 - Enrol Here

8pm, 12th September 2017 - Enrol Here