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  • The RACGP has developed a great new resource - e-Mental Health: A Guide for GPs - to assist GPs in using e-Mental Health interventions with their patients.

    For GPs new to the field of e-Mental Health, or for those simply wanting a guide on what e-Mental Health services are available and how to use them in their practice, this is an excellent resource. Find it on our 'Resources for GPs' page or Read More

  • R U Appy

    An e-‐Wellbeing Training to help you Get with the Program!

    Grafton and Coffs Harbour

    What is R U Appy: e-Social and Emotional Wellbeing Training?

    A training program in the use of iPads, Aboriginal-specific apps and online therapy programs for better social and emotional wellbeing.

    • We train everyone from e-dinosaurs to Appy young people -anyone who wants ...
  • Experiences and attitudes of primary care therapists in the implementation and use of internet-base treatment in Swedish primary care settings

    Marie Kivia, Maria C.M. Erikssonb, Dominique Hangeb, Eva-Lisa Peterssonb, Cecilia Björkelundb, Boo Johanssona.

    Internet Interventions

    Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2015, Pages 248–256



    The current knowledge of internet-based cognitive behavior therapy (ICBT) implem ...